November 28th, 2016


November 28th, 2016

HOC Report


Saylebration 12/10, no plans yet

Community Service

Paint a canvas for world AIDS day

Collect printer cartridges for supporting refugees



Daniel met with restorer working on crests

Brett POI: punching bags returned?

Daniel: will talk to Micah

Leo POI: Branford side interested in opening up basement?

HOC will explore

Dining Hall

Agnes will fix and resend ice cream preferences form


Talked to Micah, trying to get battery disposal cans

Submitting application soon

            Grant at yale farm for $2000 for sustainable idea


Winter season starts! Basketball, water polo, squash, swimming, bowling, volleyball

Araba’s dinner

Mac and cheese and brussel sprouts

Brew club

Working on beer


First time, only one person stripped in the 70’s.

Hebrew on our Yale crest in SY is wrong


Brett is working on STEM student satisfaction

Faculty diversity town hall Dec. 7th

Applications for new dean search committee coming in next week or two

Treasurer’s report

$300 in rolling fund

Budget proposal for $15 for more pizza at this meeting – cheese, pepperoni

            $45 dollars allotted