November 2nd, 2015


November 2, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Master Near suggests we start brainstorming for any potential holiday festivities, and will be hopefully meeting with SAC within the next few days.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Joint tailgate potentially on Saturday

·      Will talk about holiday festivities.

·      Hopefully will make up for the study break that didn’t happen last week this week!

Community Service Committee

·      This week YHAHP Fest is going on this week – participate and cash in on those Durfee points!

·      Community Service competition is on hold due to technical issues, but please continue to do community service!

·      Kitchen-to-Kitchen still volunteers to take leftover dining hall food. Contact Layla to get involved!

·      Also e-mail Layla to get involved with Conversation Yale. They’ve done trash cleanups, were involved in cleaning up the Green, cleared trails to make new bike paths, etc. Pretty low time commitment, and a good way to get outside and volunteer!

Bylaws Committee

·      Did you know that the Master and/or Dean are tasked with counting the ballots for the SCC elections.

Dining Hall Committee

·      No updates, but Mallet and Aadi met with Fred Berg and discussed the nighttime dining hall hooliganism.


·      Weigh Your Waste Night will be taking place this Sunday. Instead of scraping food into the compost, will empty it into Sustainability’s bin.

·      There will be a Clean Plate Club for those that eat all the food on their plates!


·      Playoffs are coming up in a few weeks. These last few games are pretty important, so keep participating in IMs this week.

·      We won football today on a double forfeit. Afterward, we scrimmaged against all the other teams that showed up for IMs, and we beat them! (Go Saybrook!)

·      Make sure to update the Google Form with the games you came for – prizes are coming up, as promised by Master Near. (Hint: a fancy meal awaits.)

Saybrook Brew Club

·      There is a Brew, and in about a month, there will be a SayPorter.

·      Keep on participating!

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      Quick anecdote. Tracked by a Law Professor to track down a thesis written by Richard Posner, a senior thesis on the poetry of Yates. If anyone has any sorts of Saybrook Historical questions, ask Leon; he loves to help!

Yale College Council

·      Presentation on Saturday from one of the team reps; working on a project to better advertise Student Wellness initiatives. Working on beginning a CCE-type program for Mental Health and Wellness.

·      Last Comic Standing is Wednesday, and the Fall Show is a week from Thursday.

o   10 students competing.

o   Fall Show will cost $5.

o   Two winners of Last Comic Standing will open.

·      Spring Fling decided on Saturday, over the Monday.

Treasurer’s Report

·      Budget proposal for $5, from Mallet, to print out the pictures of the employees who will be featured for Staff Appreciation. (For color prints.) We have $315.76 in the rolling fund.

New Business

·      $5 allocated for the color prints!