November 30th, 2015


November 30, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·                                 Tree-trimming study break and ornament making to happen soon.

·      Large turnout at today’s Saybrook Tea.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Very successful tailgate on Saturday for the Yale-Harvard game.

·      This Wednesday we’re doing an El Amigo Felix Night, instead of Viva’s night.

·      Skyzone trip on Friday – stop by the Master’s Office to hand in a deposit.

·      Assassins is over – two winners will split $30.

Community Service Committee

·      Sunrise Café still going on, YHAAP will be sending out applications for project leaders.

Bylaws Committee

·      Did you know, that there is, luckily, no minimum quantity of Saybrugians to hold an SCC meeting?


·      End of the fall season, and the winter season begins – we had the IM sign-up study break tonight.

·      Before the study break, we had Women’s Hoops and A Hoops; both won!

Saybrook Brew Club

·      Porter will be going in the kegs tomorrow!

·      Two options: do a beer tasting with everyone on a weekend. Or have the beer at the Mellon Forum.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      Fact: did you know that before the renovations around the turn of the millennium, the stone courtyard was entirely covered by stone?

·      They used to have a mini-golf tournament in the stone courtyard.

·      Leon is writing a history paper about Saybrook!

New Business

·      Next week is our next meeting!

·      Next Tuesday night there will be a Saybrook-Branford Slifka study break in Saybrook for Hanukkah.