November 5th, 2018

Head of College

  • Prof. Near is in China

  • Play IMs!

Dean’s Report

  • Go to school, go to class


  • Stay tuned, we may have something in the works

  • Had Amigos last week, it was very fun

Community Service

  • IRIS unfortunately does not accept clothing donations so we need to find another destination for our SY donation bin

  • Micah suggested YHHAP box on Old Campus, but this seems like a cop out

  • Please email for any suggestions

  • Donate clothing


  • Did you know: there is a section in the constitution about voting…

  • Please vote tomorrow! It’s going to be raining, it will drive down turnout rates

  • Early voting of our age group increased by 400%

  • Lyft is 50% off to take you to polling locations

  • SY polling station is 200 Orange St.

    • Vandy and SY both vote at the same place

  • Polls open at 6am, it won’t rain until 8am

  • If you’re in line by 8pm, you must vote, if they declare you ineligible to vote, you can challenge it with a provisional ballot


  • Please follow our Instagram

  • We love posting late- will do a TBT from Oktoberfest and Amigos


  • Don’t break things

  • POI: Laundry machines are flooded

    • Micah knows and has called the company, there are sending someone out to fix it


  • Stay tuned!


  • Go to IMs!

College Seminar

  • Dinner TBA

Dining Hall

  • Got an email from a sophomore who wants to make the dining hall more sustainable, possibly donating food to a homeless shelter


  • Potential fall bulb planting day, meeting shortly to talk about that

  • POI:  when you’re brushing your teeth, turn of the water

Kroomson report

  • Daniel ate chicken, rice and peas, and water


  • Disappointing loss last Thursday

  • Only have volleyball at 9 pm and pickleball at 10 pm on Tuesday

  • Potential games on Thursday depending on Tuesday’s performance

  • POI: when does the next round of sports start?

    • After Thanksgiving

  • POI: Max Yuhas has made an executive decision to get rid of A-hoops, B-hoops, C-hoops and W-hoops

    • It is now supposed to be two co-ed teams: “competitive and non-competitive”

    • Does Max Yuhas have friends?

    • We are going to fight this


  • Goal is to serve at Midterm Watch Party tomorrow (for the first hour or until we run out of beer)

  • Transferred Hula-Hopped Coconut IPA to secondary fermentation, it possibly will show up at a winter Say-lebration


  • Fact: Ralph Fines from Harry Potter, aka Voldemort, is the great great grandson of Lord Saye and Sele. He has an open invitation to any student in SY in Broughton Castle (in England)

  • Update: We had a great time at cold case murder mystery tea- all of you snakes in the room who didn’t come, I hope you sleep with a devil on your shoulder tonight

    • Thank you to certain people for coming

  • POI: Was the special guest Shirley?

    • Yes


  • Nothing to report

Old Business

  • Update on Yule-ball, Brett replied to Trumbull guy, but he has yet to respond back

  • Also we now have stapler in the computer room


  • $0.00 in rolling fund

New Business

  • Come to the Midterm Election Watch Party!

    • Will have bingo, pizza, wings, and other food throughout the night

    • First place prize is a 20 token voucher to Saybrook Office, next prizes are 15 and 10 tokens

    • Giant news screen tracking every race

  • POI: Where are the wings from?

    • Archies Moore’s

  • POI: Is it starting at 8 when CT polls close?

    • Yes

  • The event is partially sponsored by grad affiliates!

  • This is a bipartisan event, please respect people’s reactions and monitor your own reactions

  • Saturday Yale is playing Princeton– it is a big deal for them (their version of The Game)

  • Association of Yale Alumni will also be in town! Daniel will bring SY flag out to the bowl, come meet Old Saybrugians

    • POI: Will there be a strip with the older saybrugians?

    • If enough of us go out, you’ll never know what will happen

  • Game starts at 1pm

  • Motion to adjourn