November 6th, 2017


·      Keep attending IMs

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails

·      Credit D conversion deadline is November 10th


·      Bar Pizza study break this Wednesday night

·      Jack and Kellen are planning a Harvard-Yale tailgate

·      Sister house at Harvard is Adams House

·      Pizza mixer Friday night of Harvard-Yale weekend

·      Only going to open 3 dining halls the day of Harvard-Yale—Davenport, Silliman, TD

Community Service

·      Sign up on SIS for the day of fasting

·      Talk to Aryssa to take this job from her


·      Did you know the vice-president serves as the parliamentarian during all meetings?


·      Nothing to be announced


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel

·      As the weather gets cold the hammocks will disappear, so enjoy them while you can

·      Leo POI: did we find out what happened with the drum?

o   Anne is going to be talking to Nick Radell about getting a new drum (he did not break it)


·      Brunch will be this Saturday 11:30-1 in the Fellow’s Lounge

·      There will be a surprise so everyone come

·      Will be going to a movie soon


·      Nothing to report


·      In the process of making sure that dinner happens at Union League

·      It will not happen next semester like it did last year

Dining hall

·      Yale Dining is back offering seasonal pies

·      You can order them online via credit card

·      Brett POI: is there going to be Captain Crunch in the cereal?

o   They’re on a rotating schedule so I can’t attest to when they’ll be back

Koomson Report

·      Amber had kale salad, mac and cheese, and salmon


·      None


·      Look out for fliers to be posted around Saybrook and Vandy


·      Good win in volleyball tonight

·      Co-ed football is tomorrow

·      David POI: do you know if were ahead of Trumbull?

o   I don’t know but we should play like we’re behind


·      Nothing to report


·      The Saybrook motto is “He who transplanted still remains” which is also the state motto of Connecticut


·      Some focus groups going on next week

·      if you’re interested in participating talk to Brett or Nico


·      $0 in the rolling fund

New Business

·      No new business