November 7th, 2016


November 7, 2016

HOC Report

Tea on Thursday: GMOs and Divorce, Poynter fellowship

Banners in dining hall

Non-partisan election party tomorrow

Let’s get to November break!

New art exhibit in basement between G and gym

Dean’s Report

This Friday is deadline to convert from credit-d


Casey and Nadrina planned doughnut Saystended family event! There was arethusa milk

Respond to your upperclasspeople

Future: s’mores in vandy courtyard

Reached out to adams house – their SAC are not doing a tailgate, so we are planning one

Max: POI – can we get brunch at Adams house? Probably yes

You’ll be getting emails as dates come closer

Housing will be taken care of, there will be food offered both Friday after the bus and Saturday brunch

Comm Serv

YHHAP fast, donate meal swipes on SIS, can still use guest swipes EVEN in commons

Hunger and Homelessness awareness week 12-20




We are working on getting a good photo of Saybrook women athletes

New banners, new art installation in the basement

Talk to Daniel or Micah if you’re interested in using the basement, get a grant!

HDMI cord coming soon to the gym!

Same deal with the mice – submit facilities ticket

There are mice in the dining hall


Created a facebook page – like it!

Flyers have been made for lights out campaign, are being distributed

Recycling bins for hallway in vandy?


Fall season is over! Not sure of standings right now.

Winter IMs study break/sign ups soon

Need more people to sign up to play IMs against Harvard!

Free buses leaving PWG on Friday 11/18 at 12:30pm

Brew Club

Individual brew teams continue process

SayBeer tomorrow!


Maybe updates from Adriel?

Trip to archives in SML

Before the dining hall was dhall, was 3 stories of residencies known as the golden coast!


Student jobs – trying to rehaul system, how we can prepare for new students coming, office says there are enough jobs but YCC argue not enough meaningful academic positions

See email for info about voting

Did well as freshman barbeque

Interested in alumni mentoring program? Get paired up

Treasurer’s report

We still have no more money left

POI: block party?

         Tepid responses on ability and will

New business

Financial life after Yale seminar next Monday