October 12th, 2015


October 12, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·       Our Operations Manager, Micah Luce, came to visit us!

o   Graduated from the Divinity School in ’07 and ’08.

o   Worked at the Divinity School as bookstore manager from ’08 until this October.

·       Michael Lotstein is giving a talk about the history of food at Yale.

·       Music option for Oktoberfest: Stepan Sveshnikov.

·       In order to have access to the dining hall during late hours, please make sure to not climb over the gate and steal Saybrook’s food! J

·       Observations and concerns about phone use in the Saybrook Dining Hall:

o   Don’t forget about the Saybrook tradition of yelling “PHONE PHONE PHONE PHONE…”

·       We have a new senior group, Say Wines, which is being headed by Professor Stephen Stearns.

o   First wine tasting will be this Wednesday.

o   Professor Stearns is in it for the long run, so sophomores and juniors do not fear!

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·       Our Saybrook-wide game of Assassins is happening! Keep playing. Win.

·       Oktoberfest is on Saturday. Will be beer for those that are of age at Oktoberfest. Events will be from 3 to 5, with dinner following.

Bylaws Committee

·       Did you know that it is the responsibility of the executive board to help the master find a new webmaster for the Saybrook website whenever the position is vacant?


·       Daniel sent out a survey today about the gym refurbishments / expansion. Please fill out the survey to

College Seminar Committee

·       Interviews are current happening.  Contact David Jiang if you want to get involved (hongyi.jiang@yale.edu).


·       Sustainability Committee will be hosting a film screening soon.

·       If you have any sustainable suggestions for the Schwarzman  center, contact Ihna!


·       Off-day on Wednesday, so go to intramurals on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

·       Official website for IM results will be changing.

Saybrook Brew Club

·       Aadi will be showing one of the fellows involved with the Brew Club our equipment, and we’ll get the brewing process started soon after break!

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·       Over the years, the Saybrook newsletter has been known by three different ways: the Sele, the Seal, and the Strip. (We like our alliteration.)

·       This Friday we’ll have another meeting in the Fellow’s longue, and we will by listening to vinyl records. At least one graduate affiliate will be joining us. Come one, come all!

Yale College Council

·       YCC is doing a project on New Haven programming.

o   Doing more events: perhaps either a foodtruck roundup or Tourism New Haven.

o   Another idea: Things to do In New Haven FB page.

o   Contact Diksha Brahmbhatt if you have any questions.

·       We have two comedians for the Fall Show, but that will be announced at a later point.

·       YCC is also planning a series of events for professional networking.