October 13th, 2014


October 13th, 2014

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Sign up to go on the Vermont Fall Foliage trip, which is this weekend!

Dean’s Report

·      The Dean’s emails are way better.  Keep it up.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Buy your Screw tickets!  Screw is this Saturday, the 18th

·      Please email Ihna everytime you kill an Assassins target.


·      Washing room is finally back in order!


·      T-shirts are in, but you need to go to IMs to get one!

·      They also have an Instagram!

Sustainability Committee

·      Did you know: Recycling one ton of paper saves 70 trees, 60 pounds of air pollution and 2 barrels of oil.

·      Don’t use re-usable cups in the dining hall if you don’t have to.

·      Celebrate Sustainability Week was a success!

Dining Committee

·      Saybrook Burrito Day will be every other Monday.

·      Sarah is having a meeting with Jeff on Wednesday and 1 pm.

Media Committee

·      Talk to Inha if you would like to write salacious details about Saybrook Seniors.

College Seminar Committee

·      Sign up to help interview seminar professors!

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      Low attendance at the meeting on Friday.

·      Weird Budget Proposals: $215.36 for a Donu-matic, a.k.a. a donut maker.  The “Do-Do’s” would be used for tailgates, Say and Sele and other fun events.


·      Look out for an email and Google Form from Chad and Magda

·      Saybrook is going to be a part of a pilot program to educate incoming freshmen about having sustainable practices!

Old Business

Leon found an outdated system where the Master’s Aides acted as librarians, and past events have failed.  Maybe a library committee is needed?*

New Business

*Leon will reach out to Naseem about possibly heading that effort.