October 14, 2013


October 14, 2013

Master and Associate Master’s Report

  • Juniors have received an email about their wine-production excursion. Keep an eye out for further info.
  • Dean Woodard of Calhoun passed away this afternoon. Support our Hounie friends during this time. We’ll make a poster saying “SY loves CC” to gather our signatures in the common room.
  • Wednesday is a Mellon Forum, Thursday a Master’s Tea, and Friday is a study break for the YHHAP fast, and the Underbrook Coffeehouse.
  • This weekend is the Multicultural Open House. Many prefrosh visitors will be on campus.


Dean’s Report

  • See the Dean’s weekly email announcements.


Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

  • Screw is on Friday. Tickets will be sold during dinner in the common room.

Community Service

  • The YHHAP Fast is this Friday.


  • All of the gym equipment has been repaired. Send James Volz an email if anything is in need of facilities’ attention.

Clothing Committee:

  • A survey will be sent out to the college, including an order form. There a number of clothing designs to choose from.
  • Send Aaditya Tolappa all your clothing-related ideas.


  • An off-week this week. Remember to check the whiteboard in the common room about upcoming games.
  • The Hudak Points are still lost in Purgatory; the IM website is still a mess.
  • The Yale Herald’s standings are inaccurate.

Sustainability Committee

  • Friday at 8:30 (subject to change) will be a study break in Vandy. Recycling bins will be given to freshmen without them.
  • Upperclassmen without recycling bins may contact Landon Acriche.

Dining Committee

  • The cereal survey has been sent out! Be sure to answer it.

Media Committee

  • The newsletter might be called the “Saybrook Seal.”

College Seminar Committee

  • Our first choice for seminar is about photographing New Haven. Other cool spring seminars were read to the committee.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

  •  Planning to meet on Friday!


  • No report.


  • No report.


  • Sunday, sophomores are having puupies and hot dogs on Cross Campus.
  • The same day, there will be the Freshman Barbecue on Old Campus.
  • Thanks to everyone for attending the inauguration festivities!
  • We lost the YCC scavenger hunt. L

Brewing Club

  • We finished a batch and it’s in the keg! Onto the next one.
  • Peter Humanik gave two alums bottles of beer. They said they loved it.

Mascot Committee

  • A survey was sent out. Be sure to answer it! We already have 191 individual responses, and 40 different suggestions.


Old Business



New Business

If anyone is interested in organizing an event with Adams House during the Game, contact Stuart Teal.

The Twelve Pack will be having a mixer prior to Saybrook Screw.

We have a budget proposal from Kevin Kory for $150, to be shared among three suites to buy materials for Halloween parties. We have $385 in the rolling fund.

We passed the $150 proposal. There are $235 in the rolling fund left.