October 15th, 2018

Head of College

·      Nothing to report

·      Enjoy the break

Dean’s Report

·      Enjoy the break

·      Midterm deadline is October 26th— last day to credit/D

o   Only can change credit/D online (via SIS course enrollment)

o   Dropping a class deadline without a W on your transcript is also 26th (via the form in Dean’s office)


·      Great SY Dance! So fun!

·      When we get back, Oktoberfest is that Saturday, Joey’s beer will hopefully be ready to serve

Community Service

·      Donation bin is in the laundry room now!


·      The president under the constitution is supposed to outline an agenda under his tenure


·      We hope you enjoyed the recent swipe through posts

o   Go like it

·      If you do not want to be featured, let Tamar/Jazzy know

·      POI: The SY Dance photos are on FB

·      Excited to take photos at Oktoberfest

·      Got a few tags on SY college Instagram (we will re-post if you tag)

·      Stay tuned for a contest about renaming the fall dance


·      If you vomit somewhere, call facilities

·      If you break something, call facilities


·      Stay queer!

·      Jesica went to the pregame, brought baby queer first-years, it was fun!


·      Event was delayed/canceled (?)

College Seminar

·      Restaurant is Barcelona

·      Interviews are over, stay tuned for which seminar we got

Dining Hall

·      The trashcan moved, next to the coffee area instead of next to the fridge

·      Do the fall survey

·      See email for fall break dining hours, SY isn’t open during fall break

·      German crew team is here

o   POI: Alex talked to Lane, the manager of the manager of the SY dining hall said it was okay

o   POI: He is correct, Prof Near said it was okay, dining hall said it was okay, may work in our favor considering we may have to open the dining hall while they are here during fall break


·      Had conversation with landscape director

·      Will propose a motion in new business

·      Be sustainable!


·      Cancellations because of rain

·      We are out of the ping pong championships L

·      Keep chugging along, we will get through this


·      Spent 5-6.5 hours brewing on Sunday

·      Alex’s is a coconut milkshake IPA (disgusting?)

·      Joey’s is a speckled heifer (it is a Wisconsin thing)

·      Will try to keg by Oktoberfest

·      Reach out to Frank or Sam to brew

·      Find a group to brew with


·      Courtyards are Killingworth and Saybrook courtyard. In each courtyard, we have a stone brought by oxen from the respective towns of Killingworth and Old Saybrook

·      May need tickets for the murder mystery cold case tea (that may be too dramatic)

·      POI: When is the tea?

o   TBD, after Halloween

·      Maybe we should make everyone pay?

·      POI: When will Halloween be?

o   Weekend before Halloween


·      Keep buying Patagonia’s (its getting cold)

Old Business

·      POI: the SY dining hall will only be open for dinner next Sunday, not brunch

Treasurer’s Report

·      $0.00 in rolling fund

New Business

·      Motion to create the SY Garden Subcommittee under the Sustainability Committee

o   Motion passes

o   Details: necessary to create a committee to have people (underclassmen) continually maintain the garden after Alex graduates

o   POI: what would the committee be responsible for

§  Weeding, planting, watering

o   POI: As a subcommittee, will the sustainability committee meetings be more consistent or just ad hoc?

§  Alex prefers the ad hoc spiciness, but group chat can be made

o   POI: Needs a constitutional amendment to make it a permanent committee

·      21 days from the election, please register or request your absentee ballot ASAP!

·      POI: I don’t trust my P.O. box, can we send this to the aide office?

o   Yes, legal documents can be sent

·      Jazzy says thank you for picking apples, we picked 400 lbs. of apples, possible apple baking next Sunday in Biggs House

·      Motion to adjourn