October 16th, 2017


·      I interrupted a meme war to come to this meeting

·      Tied for first place in IMs

·      Tomorrow, October 17th, at 8:30 there will be a demonstration coordinated between here and Colorado for Viviana

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails


·      Hope you all had fun at Saybrook Screw

·      Oktoberfest is the Saturday we get back from break from 2-5

·      Pre-Hallowoads Amigo’s the first Wednesday we get back

Community Service

·      Do community service

·      If anyone is interested contact Aryssa to take over


·      Did you know that when there is an election the Head of College and Dean count votes?


·      No pictures were taken this week

·      Hopefully the photographer at screw took pics and will get them out soon


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel


·      First event will be after break

·      If you want to get more involved, talk to Jack, Kellen, or anyone on the flier outside the dining hall


·      No updates

·      Still trying to find a date for the first event


·      Trial of the Century by Jack Ford is the chosen seminar

·      Trials cover OJ Simpson, Nixon v. US, etc.

·      A date will be set up soon for the Union League dinner

Dining hall

·      Saybrook will be open during break

·      Pauli Murray is also open along with other colleges

·      Brett POI: is it brunch or breakfast and lunch?

o   Breakfast and lunch

Koomson Report

·      Rosa didn’t go to the dining hall

·      Went to Anaya and got a salmon poke bowl

·      Near POI: did it take 20 minutes to put in your order and 30 to get it?

o   Thankfully no


·      None


·      Met with Professor Near and Micah last Thursday

·      Discussed getting automatic lights in suite bathrooms, also looking into low and high-volume flushers for toilets

·      Be mindful of leaving lights on

·      Will be meeting soon with landscape director about redesigning the Saybrook gardens


·      Doing very well in IMs

·      8 points back from Trumbull

·      Playoffs are coming up after break

·      Tournament style volleyball, football, and pickeball


·      If you want to be added to the GroupMe, send Bennet or Franklin your phone number

·      “Making many a beers for us.” –Prof Near

·      Great bourbon-barrel beer will be served at Oktoberfest


·      Next meeting will be the Friday following break

·      It will be a really good one so you don’t want to miss out


·      Pre-law resources, looking to come out with a pre-law handbook

·      Project regarding the post office – just swipe and get your packet

·      Project on menstrual project distribution and disposal

·      Project proposed by Gabe – wants to get every college a coffee machine

·      Think about where we would want this machine and any other concerns or requests

·      Also fill out the Spring Fling survey


·      $0 in the rolling fund

New Business

·      No new business