October 20th, 2014


October 20th, 2014

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Nothing important!

Dean’s Report

·      Nothing important! (LOL adults)

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Liquor Treating is Thursday the 30th!  Some of the coolest SY suites will be opening their rooms up to you so come by!

·      Potential Viva’s night on November 6th!

Community Service

·      Danielle and Layla will be collecting sign ups and donations for the Ronald McDonald meal prep on November 8th.

·      Congrats to everyone who participated in YHHAP Fast!


·      We’re in 4th (or 5th).

·      We’ll let you know how we’ll be giving out t-shirts.

·      Moving into the play off phase!!

Sustainability Committee

·      Did you know that everyday 27,000 trees are cut down for toilet paper?

·      Use the EliExchange in the laundry room for your unwanted clothes!

·      The Office of Sustainability will be giving you free LED light bulbs in exchange for your incandescent ones.

·      Sustainability Stars of the Week: Aepi!  For being cool.

Dining Committee

·      There are 3 new salads in our rotation!

·      Also, Aruba had a great Saybrook dinner.

College Seminar Committee

·      Our seminar has been chosen!  In the spring of 2015, 6 Saybrugians will have reserved seats in “The Book of Job: Betrayal and Reconciliation”!  Write some awesome papers about Biblical retribution and resentment.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      SHSC has launched a digital scrapbook that will be made public soon!  Get your awesome SY pictures together.


·      Did you know that it’s possible to run for an e-board or SAC position and not be eligible to vote for the SAC or e-board election?


·      Our own Chad Cosse has completed the most projects of any representative in YCC!

·      There will be a YCC Town Hall after Fall Break.

·      Get your YCC visors!

Mascot Committee

·      Send all of your opinions to Chris Moates.  Lets not mess this up again.  SHSC recommends “The Skyscrapers.”

Old Business

·      We made $1000 from Screw!  Hope you all had a great time!

New Business

·      Landon wants to start every meeting by playing “Shake it Off.”  The resolution was approved.

·      Also, we should do an SCC mixer with another college council!