October 21, 2013


October 21, 2013

Master and Associate Master’s Report

  • The Master and Associate Master wish all an excellent fall break!


Dean’s Report

  • The Dean seconded the Masters’ sentiments.


Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

  • Check your email for the list of upcoming Halloween events in the college. The first one is on Sunday!

Community Service

  • Wishes for everyone to have a nice fall break. J


  • No report.

Clothing Committee:

  • Good news: much interest in interest in sports bras. They’ll be bought.
  • Bad news: not enough interest in the underwear to order it.
  • Keep eyes peeled for order forms coming soon.


  • IMs were only held today this week. Men’s and women’s soccer won, as did men’s football.
  • Fight to win the glider for Saybrook!

Sustainability Committee

  • Labels will be put on the individual heaters in the rooms with energy-saving instructions.

Dining Committee

  • Survey results are in. There’s overwhelming demand for honey nut cheerios. There’s also consensus on having a mix of healthy and sugary cereals.

Media Committee

  • Has already conducted interviews for their upcoming newsletter.

College Seminar Committee

  • No report.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

  • Pleased to report much higher attendance.
  • Brainstormed interview questions for former Dean McKinley.


  • No report.


  • No report.


  • Nothing to report.

Brewing Club

  • Will meet Friday. Contact Peter Humanik if interested.

Mascot Committee

Most support was for lion, seal, and to some extent sealion.


Old Business

None to finish.


New Business

We have $235 dollars left in the rolling fund.

Adams House will be staying with us during the Game. If anyone would like to brainstorm or spearhead a joint event with our cantab brethren, contact either Stuart Teal or SAC (Elyse Parker and Samantha Schumm.)

Saybrook morale seems low. How to address this? We do have money in the rolling fund—contact Paul Elish if you have a budget proposal!