October 22nd, 2018

Head of College

·      Oktoberfest is this Saturday, we are still trying to figure out a rain location

·      Setting up a public art recommendation committee

o   Want to beautify the SY community and have it reflect all the narratives in our community

Dean’s Report

·      Fresh baked cookies—go grab one before they’re gone!

·      Credit/D/Fail deadline and Withdraw Without a W deadline are one Friday


·      Oktoberfest this Saturday, Micah’s email went out—check your emails

o   It may rain on Saturday- then it will probably be in Underbrook/game room

·      Look out for a nice surprise next week

·      POI: Is trick-or-treating happening?

o   Yes, it is in the works

Community Service

·      There has already been a donation in the donation bin

·      YHHAP fast is coming up—look out for the email

·      POI: Where is the donation bin?

o   In laundry room, it is one of the soft items donation bin from Spring Salvage

o   POI: Don’t take the things that are donated, those are for people that need clothes!


·      Did you know:

o   The first constitution required 100 signatures to pass


·      We will be taking and posting photographs at Oktoberfest

·      Please let them know if you don’t want to be featured

·      Follow @saybrookcollege

·      POI: There will be a cheeky German cutout thing to take photos in at Oktoberfest

·      Also we should discuss a Snapchat filter


·      Don’t break things, if you do, report it

·      Everyone’s heat is working?

·      Mice tend to come out and sleep in your shoes, use peppermint oil to keep them away


·      Nothing to report


·      The movie showing was moved to another day, TBD

College Seminar

·      The seminar for next spring is the History of Normandy since 1944

o   POI: They go to Normandy, its not completely free but very subsidized

o   Talks about the invasion and how that has fundamentally changed the culture around Normandy

o   Class is all about how soldiers have died and is about honoring them

·      If you participated in 5 or more interviews, you will be getting an email about dinner

·      The restaurant is Barcelona

Dining Hall

·      For Oktoberfest there is a special German Bavarian dinner

·      POI: Can you re-engage about the salad dressing bottles?

·      POI: What is going on about the cereal location? Is it permanent?

o   If people feel strongly about this, we can petition like we did for the cups

o   Do you want it changed back? Lets give it a test run first


·      Micah emailed some grad affiliates and Alex is supposed to meet with them on Wednesday to discuss the future of this committee


·      We are out of soccer playoffs—big sad L

·      We will push on, volleyball starts on Wednesday

·      Tuesday is pickle ball and football, we always need ladies to come

·      Look out for emails!

·      We are on the way to the Tyng!

·      POI: After they found out we lost soccer apparently they cheered on the bus—we’re getting to them!


·      Beer is fermenting which is a good thing

·      POI: Can we do cyser/apple mead? Gluten free-options

·      POI: There have been multiple people with that concern, join Saybrew/reach out to Sam to discuss


·      Old Saybrook fact: there resides the “Yale boulder” in Old Saybrook as a reminder of the origins of Yale in 1701

·      Next Friday there is the Cold Case Mystery Tea in the fellows lounge at 12:30 p.m., it s going to be “epic,” please join!

o   Warning: the murder is graphic and scary

o   It is on Near’s calendar

·      POI: When is this?

o   The week after Halloween, in November

·      POI: This cold case was the basis for a Law and Order episode

·      Never before heard accounts of the murder

·      Thank you (Prof. Near and Dean Lafargue) for the cookies cake and pie— they were delicious


·      Nothing to report

Old Business

·      Nothing to report

Treasurers Report

·      Nothing to report

New Business

·      POI: Did you get the grape suit

o   Yes, it will be best if you wait, we are perfecting it

·      POI: Jazzy talked to Dean Peck, the SY section is limited to 100 people—you have to be the first 100 people to mention SY if you want to be in the section

·      POI: Do you have to be in SY to be in the SY section?

o   Unknown

·      POI: Do we know where the SY section is?

o   Unknown

·      Motion to adjourn