October 23rd, 2017


·      We have a tea on Monday, and the guest is a friend of Aaron Tracy

·      Tuesday, tomorrow night, for seniors

·      On Thursday is a fellow’s night for seniors

·      Oktoberfest is on Saturday

·      All is well in Saybrook

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails


·      Amigos is Wednesday 9-11

·      If you had a hard time getting in last time, arrive promptly at 9pm

·      An email will go out tomorrow morning to sign up

·      Oktoberfest is Saturday from 3-5

·      Jack and Kellen will be barbequing and there will be SayBrew beer

Community Service

·      Sunrise Café is looking for morning volunteers 7:30-9:30 Monday through Friday

·      Talk to Aryssa if you have questions

·      March to End Homeless is November 1st

·      Aryssa is looking for someone to take over this position


·      Nothing to report


·      Please take pictures at Amigos and send them to tamar.landman@yale.edu

·      Send any Saybrook pictures to Tamar


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel


·      First event will be soon


·      No major updates

·      Casey is meeting with Andrea on Thursday to plan the first event


·      Nothing new to report

Dining hall

·      Yale dining is having a Yale farm cheese tasting

Koomson Report

·      Hannah ate in Berkeley

·      It was awful because it was Berkeley and not Saybrook


·      None


·      Nothing new to report, keep eyes open for an email


·      Forfeit win in soccer today

·      Moving on to the next round, Wednesday at 4

·      Football is on Thursday

·      Pickleball and volleyball are coming up too


·      Will be serving a bourbon barrel lager at Oktoberfest


·      Special lunch will not be this Friday but an email will go out soon

·      Did you know Josh Beckenstein, who donated to have the SY courtyard renovated, serves on the board of Burlington Coat Factory, which is now just Burlington?


·      Keep eyes open for annual YCC survey that’s coming out


·      $0 in the rolling fund

New Business

·      Natalie POI: College Office and Squiche can now accept credit cards

·      Daniel POI: come to the game this weekend and if there are another people we can strip

·      Roger POI: 12 pack will be hosting a tailgate this Saturday at the game