October 29th, 2018

Head of College

·      The SY section for The Game will be at Back Bay Social—tickets are sold out but venue will apparently be open, there will be TVs, Prof. Near’s plans depend on how we behave

·      Prof. Near will be in China next week with the men’s basketball team as they defeat Cal Berkley

Dean Lafargue

·      Read his weekly emails, it was very cute (he is away this week in NY for family issues)


·      Wednesday at 9 p.m. Hallow-migos, you know the drill

·      Sign up or John will not let you in

·      POI: If you fill out the form are you on the list?

o   Yes

Community Service

·      We already filled donation bin!

o   Now we must donate the clothes

o   We know there is already a Salvation Army, but would rather do something New Haven-community-focused, let Mary know

·      POI: IRIS accepts clothing

·      POI: YHHAP Fast, donate your meal swipes for that, go on SIS to donate

o   POI: You can donate your meal swipes and still use guest swipes

·      Trick-or-Eat at Slifka Center, you knock on peoples doors to ask for food for donations

o   You go in costume on Halloween night, 10/31


·      We will hopefully be able to take pictures at Amigos


·      Don’t break stuff, if you do and report it

·      If you see mice, don’t be scared

·      POI: Prof Near read the YDN story, it is full of lies. The student who said the room wasn’t treated, the room was treated, those black triangles under heaters have food with micro blades of glass and anti-coagulate, the mouse eats it and its insides are destroyed

o   Marty, the Yale exterminator, will come and install these traps in your room

·      This summer or next summer there will be total and complete renovation of the Saybrary (thanks to a large gift from donor)

·      Down with the mice!


·      Brunch coming up- stay tunned

o   It was Sunday?


·      Stay slayin’

·       Go to IMs

College Seminar

·      The course to take us to Normandy was not improved, which forced us to take a class that is our 10th or 11th choice called Innovation in America, which has been taught previously several times

·      I apologize to those who were planning to go to Normandy

·      Dinner is in progress

Dining Hall

·      Joey sent another email about salad dressing—if we don’t get an answer then we will have to confront them

·      Chicken tenders this week

·      POI: What happened to the cups?

o   They added them back tonight

·      POI: We all know and love Malcolm, he was feeling ill and the doctor told him to take time off which is why he has been gone the last two weeks, maybe we should do a card?

o   Talk to Micah

·      POI: Can we consider SY only Sunday nights because it is getting super crowded and sometimes I can’t even find a seat?

o   It is supposed to be family night but it is not enforced, Near is amenable to enforcing it, we can think about it as a council. Near is happy to consider it, but we like to be welcoming


·      Meeting with Micah and fellow was eclipsed by Oktoberfest, hopefully will happen next week

·      Be sustainable, its cold out


·      Tomorrow: football (all hands on deck, you don’t have to have played during regular season), Pickle ball, co-ed volleyball vs TD (help us wipe our asses with TD)

o   TD is doing well

·      Co-ed football grudge match against Hopper this week

·      Pickle ball vs Hopper at 9 p.m. (the douchebag will be there so lets crush him)

·      Tomorrow is playoffs for football

·      POI: Are we concerned about light if the game starts at 5:15 p.m.?


·      We are happy to see so many people, welcome first timers!

·      Fact of the day: If you are looking at the arms of SY college, you are looking at arms of Viscount Saye and Sele

·      Huge announcement: If you like cold case murder mystery, if you’re feeling spooky, come on 12:30 on Friday for a tea in the fellows lounge

o   In the murder of a Yale student, the only witness was a SY Dean

o   POI: I’m assuming it will be 12:30 at night?

§  No 12:30 p.m.

o   Costume highly encouraged, not required, attendance required

·      POI: Is it true that you have special accounts that were never heard before?

o   It’s true


·      Did you know: the Vice President is constitutionally required to get food, but not on time

·      If you take food, stay for the meeting

·      POI: You’re preaching to the choir because we’re still here


·      Sad news: Joey’s beer, the speckled heifer, is basically hop-water, we’ll probably dump it

·      Good news: At Oktober fest, the pumpkin beer was fantastic

o   Prof. Near had about 12

o   The keg is almost empty

·      Hoola-hopped coconut ale is going into secondary fermentation

·      POI: If anyone is interested, Daniel Fischer and Sam are looking for people to make mead

·      POI: Can we email Dylan Sprouse to come and teach us how to make mead?

o   Prof Near says sure

·      POI: How do we sign up

o   An email will go out


·      If we get 50% or more representation on the fall survey, we’ll get a pizza party

·      Other college YCC reps are trash talking our survey participation

·      Deadline is October 31st, 11:59 pm

Old Business

·      Nothing to report

Treasurers Report

·      $0.00 in rolling fund

New Business

·      POI: Do we not do the Kroomson report anymore?

o   We do not have any senior girls at the meeting

·      Tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote in state of CT—register! Vote for Ned Lamont!

·      If you see the YDN article, Yale does not allow colleges to receive absentee ballots—Dave offers his personal P.O. box, it is important!

·      Prof Near: I have been very upset about the rhetoric about ballots and mailing service. The idea that Yale is really trying to suppress people from voting is wrong, we may have an antiquated mail system, lets face it, snail maul is antiquated. Why point blame that it is intentional—it is not intentional, we are working on it, we will get you your absentee ballots. Let’s have a more positive approach.

o   There are a lot of things to be critical about, but I don’t think this is one of them, direct your anger elsewhere.

·      Africa Week is coming up! We feature culture from the continent and host speaker events! The main actress from Rafiki will be speaking (LGBTQ movie banned from Kenya). Look out for cool speaker events, Laura invites you to all of them, don’t feel weird, and please show up!

·      Trumbull reached out to Brett about Yule-ball event (apparently it happened in Harry Potter)

o   Trumbull, JE, Branford and SY— we would set up the dining halls and dress in tuxedos and gowns and have champagne and cheese

o   It is a proposed $1 per student

o   9 p.m.-1 p.m. on the Saturday of reading week, December 8

§  POI: 10/8 is also holiday dinner for first years

§  But the diner is over by 9 p.m.

o   POI: Is the Saturday before reading week a time people want to cut loose?

§  YES

·      Are we interested?

o   Yes

·      Can we get a new stapler in printer room?

o   Ask Micah (it could be IT or college office jurisdiction)

·      Motion to adjourn