October 30th, 2017


·      Keep attending IMs

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails


·      Amigos was on Wednesday

·      Upcoming is a Claire’s study break this week and a Bar Pizza study break next week

·      Study breaks are tentative at this point

Community Service

·      Please take this job from Aryssa


·      Did you know in the absence of the president the vice-president fills in?


·      Pictures were taken during Trick or Treating

·      Send more pictures to Tamar


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel

·      The drums in the music room were broken and equipment was missing

·      If you know who was responsible, please talk to them


·      First event will be soon

·      Trying to get the word out to first years

·      Will probably be going to a movie, but open to hearing other ideas

·      This weekend is IvyQ – still looking for hosts for kids from other schools

·      If interested please contact Mariel or Jacob


·      Nothing to report


·      Nothing new to report

Dining hall

·      This Tuesday night there is a Halloween themed dinner

Koomson Report

·      Leah had a weird day

·      She had dinner at 3:30 pm

·      She ate a bacon egg and cheese from Wall Street


·      None


·      Nothing new to report


·      We got robbed of a win in IM soccer

·      There are plenty of playoff games this week that you can play in

·      Roger POI: if you haven’t played during the regular season and you show up for a playoff game, you may disqualify Saybrook, according to the rules


·      Nothing to report


·      Natalie and Daniel are talking to some fellows and may have found the Duke’s Punch recipe

·      John POI: when is your SYHSC lunch?

o   It will not be this week


·      Fill out the fall survey if you haven’t done so already


·      $0 in the rolling fund

New Business

·      No new business