October 6th, 2014


October 6th, 2014

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      There’s a sophomore dinner tomorrow night.  Everyone else get out.

Dean’s Report

·      Contribute cool stuff for the Dean’s Email! “For the record: I had to do this. Sorry 2016.  Complain to the Yale College Dean’s Office.”

Committee Reports

SAC (Cébrook Activities Committee)

·      Insomnia/Sustainability study break was a success!

·      We will be starting to sell Screw tickets next week, in preparation for the 18th

·      Hopefully we will have a Viva’s night after Fall Break

·      Kill people in Assassins please.


·      Lighting and outlet issues in the Saybrary should have been addressed

·      Maintenance is scheduled for the broken washer and there are signs to remind people to leave the doors open in between cycles.

·      He’s also working on the treadmill issue.


·      Please show up to IMs!  We’re having participation issues and having to forfeit games so please please show up.  T shirts will be here soon.

Sustainability Committee

·      It’s Celebrate Sustainability Week! There will be a “Ban the Bag” campaign at Durfee’s and a Waste Audit on Friday in Branford.

·      Techno Scrap and plastic bag exchanges should be showing up in trash rooms soon

·      EliExchange is open for unwanted clothes in the laundry room

·      Vegan Vednesday is this Wednesday!  Lookout for the Sesame Street vampire.

·      Also if Ihna comes to knock on your door, answer.

·      Sustainability Star of the Week: Jack Berry! For social media support.

Dining Committee


Media Committee

·      Media has a lot of good stuff coming up. But if Ihna told you, she’d have to kill you.

College Seminar Committee

·      Sign up to help interview seminar professors!

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·       SHSC will be meeting Friday at 12:30 in the Fellow’s Lounge. Come out for the tea.  This is the 12th year of the 12 pack!  Celebrate a golden birthday.

·      In 1924, oxen brought the two millstones that are in the courtyard from Old Saybrooke and Killingsworth.


·      Did you know that E-board members have to forfeit their position upon the lost of good academic standing?


·      There is now Whole Milk in Commons!  Chad is advising that you “bring a jug and fill’er up.”  Also follow YCC on Twitter.

New Business

It’s On Us Campaign

The Council voted to approve the below pledge:

“Our Yale is a place where all students are proud to call their residential college home and their collegemates family.


· Create a supportive and welcoming environment for all Saybrugians.

· Plan events centered around friendship, fun, and positive social interaction.

· Constantly and effectively communicate the needs and concerns of Saybrook students to Saybrook administrators

A motivated freshman suggested that we actually catalog the books in the Saybrary.  Leon will investigate if there is already an existing system.  Maybe start a Saybrary Committee?  Ihna tried.  Sorry Ihna.  Tabled for next week.