October 7, 2013


October 7, 2013

Master and Associate Master’s Report

  • This coming weekend is presidential inauguration weekend. The college requires tour guides. There will also be a number of t-shirts for the block party after the inauguration.
  • Dining on Saturday, brunch will be delayed a half hour, and dinner will be from 6-8 and especially nice. At 9 on Old Campus will be an inauguration band, and at 10 President Salovey’s bluegrass band will play.
  • Another renovation in SY will take place: another practice room and a recording studio will be put into the basement, taking over the trash room near the kitchen. It will be ready by second semester! Frederic Berg, who donated the dining hall wall, is helping out.


Dean’s Report

  • Sophmore advising night is happening on Tuesday the 8th (tomorrow!)


Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

  • Viva’s night did not occur. L Will either be rescheduled, perhaps at a slightlier earlier or a different event will happen.
  • On Thursday at 10 in the dining hall will be a Bar pizza study break.

Community Service

  • Nothing to report.


  • The treadmill’s new part will arrive this week. the cross-trainer machine is repaired.
  • There should be a trash can in the game room now.

Clothing Committee:

  • A winter line of clothes is in the works. Designs were shown off to the council to great acclaim. Very exciting.


  • Game was cancelled today due to weather. Keep an eye out for emails from captains concerning cancellations.
  • In the common room there is now a whiteboard showing the game schedule.
  • The post office has lost the Hudak points!!! L But efforts will be redoubled and Yombe will go in search of them tomorrow.

Sustainability Committee

  • Reminder: toiletries should only be stored on the wall shelves of the bathrooms. As well, the bathroom garbage cans are only for bathroom garbage, not for room garbage.
  • There might be a sustainability study break in Vandy soon.
  • Contact Landon Acriche if you’d like to get more involved in sustainability committee.

Dining Committee

  • The committee met with the dining hall managers. The juicer is not out because it’s damaged at the moment. Chocolate chips will remain out in the morning. The honey has been put in a more easily-handled bottle.
  • A cereal survey will be sent out to the college very soon!
  • Contact Patrick Casey, Xinxin Xu, and Sarah Holder with your dining hall questions, complaints, recommendations, etc.

Media Committee

  • A Tumblr blog and a newsletter is in the works, including spotlights on a SY student and on an SCC committee.

College Seminar Committee

  • No report.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

  • Last meeting was held on Friday in the fellows’ lounge and discussed interviewing figures from SY history.


  • No report.


  • No report.


  • See the master’s report above for notes on inauguration weekend events. 

Brewing Club

  • We’ve decided to brew Harvest Pumpkin Ale next!
  • Master Hudak tells the juniors: “We have something very special for you for your senior year involving brewing…something never done before…” (How enigmatic!)

Mascot Committee

  • A survey will be sent out requesting ideas as to what the mascot should be clarified to.


Old Business



New Business

Please email Stuart Teal to be a tour guide for the college during inauguration weekend.