October 9th, 2017


·      Keep playing IMs

·      Senior wine night is this Friday, at which no one wants to meet Kellen, according to Near

·      We do not yet have IM standings and it is a bureaucratic failure

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails

·      October 27th is deadline to drop without a “W”


·      SY Screw is this Saturday, October 14th at Thali Too

·      Cash and Venmo accepted for tickets

·      If you’ve attended 5 IM games, you have a BOGO free offer

Community Service

·      Penny Wars box in SY Common Room – all the money goes to buy winter clothes for the homeless of New Haven

·      Silver coins and dollars go to S, pennies go to competitors as they are negative points


·      David is absent

·      Leo Sanchez Noya reports that there is a shadow Constitution and deep state


·      Nothing to report


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel

·      There is high interest in future library renovations

·      Look for a survey on desired changes in the near future


·      Mariel Rosenberg reports that SayQueer is a SY queer social group

·      Events are coming soon

·      Contact Mariel Rosenberg or Jacob Middlekauf to join the group


·      Feedback is being processed and used to plan events


·      Interviews are ongoing

·      The college seminar committee draft is Friday and we need Saybrugians to show up in force to ensure SY success  


Dining hall

·      Yale dining has sent out a survey

·      There will be an outdoor food event Saturday instead of brunch


·      None


·      The electronics disposable bin is back in the basement


·      SY table tennis campaign ended tonight

·      Special deal this week on Screw tickets if you attend three games


·      If you want to be added to the GroupMe, send Bennet or Franklin your phone number


·      Great lunch with light attendance this past Friday

·      Exciting events coming soon

·      “It’s about the past, but on the future, which is now the past.” –Daniel Fischer


·      Nico is doing great things for SY


·      $0 in the rolling fund

New Business

·      SY tours of the YCBA, possibly with refreshments

·      CCEs are looking for new applicants, positions are open

·      CCE will be assisting making Screw fun for everyone

·      SAC will be deferring to 12 pack to plan non-Harvard-Yale tailgates