Saybrook TV Room

The Saybrook TV Room is located under Entryway F. With a large-screen TV, Yale’s Xfinity IPTV service, and  surround sound, it is available for Saybrook student use, as well as the site of Saybrook-sponsored viewing events like Superbowl parties.

The TV Room comfortably seats 20 people, and all current Yale guidelines for spaces must be followed.

Please enter your reservation for the Saybrook TV Room by following this link 
-Saybrook students only
-Up to 3 hour reservations may be made.
-Reservations must be made no earlier than 14 days before the proposed event.
-The TV room may not be reserved for group, class, or personal meetings.
-All reservations not meeting these criteria will be deleted weekly from the calendar.
-In order to make a “special” reservation (longer than 3 hours, more than 14 days prior to the event, or a regularly repeating reservation), please fill out the Saybrook TV Room Special Reservation Form