September 10th, 2018

Head of College

·      Nothing much to report

·      Dean Lafargue and Prof. Near will be planning some study breaks

·      Extra funding for sophomores from Dean Chun, potential to have events similar to Mellon Forum

o   SY would bring in faculty members during catered meals at the house for a discussion based on what the Sophomores are interested in

Dean’s Report

·      Looking forward to reciveing schedules

·      La casa having their Latinx kickoff event at the United Methodist Church

·      First years had 100% turn- in rate for first time in Cissy’s career

o   Thanks Fro-co.’s!


·      Not much to report

·      Keep increased Amigos price in mind for budget

·      Will have a meeting to discuss locations for SY Screw, reach out for suggestions

Community Service

·      Read your Dwight Hall newsletters


·      Constitution provides that HoC and Deans give reports of the state of the college at the SCC meetings

·      Dean Lafargue is now present and giving reports  

·      According to the Constitution, the budget meeting was supposed to be this week, but it will be next week in light of this error

·      POI: Has the official Constitution on the SY website been edited to say Head and not masters?

o   David will get on that immediately


·      Opened SY instagram account @saybrookcollege 

·      If you have recommendations, please send the account photos

·      Follow for follow!


·      Don’t break things, if you do, report it

·      Georgetta Shepard is in Welch A

·      POI: Did Daniel Fischer pass the torch on to Laura?

o   Laura is now the new chair of the facilities committee


·      Nothing to report


·      Stay tuned for some good stuff!

College Seminar

·      Look out for an email with info coming soon!

Dining Hall

·      You can pre-order meals from dining hall and do carry out

·      POI: Can we get some sliced bread?

o   If the other dining halls have it (they do) then we should be able to get some


·      Still waiting to hear back from landscaper about new gardens

·      Be wary of carbon tax policy in cold weather

o   If you turn on heat make sure windows are closed


·      Won table tennis event tonight

o   Huge first year turnout!

·      We need women (and men)

·      We have tokens!

·      Tomorrow is flag football v. Branford

·      Wednesday is soccer v. Pauli Murray at 5:15 pm

·      POI: To encourage female participation, can we coordinate Slaydies and IM joint participation?

·      POI: Sign up for the specific sport panlist

·      POI: The schedule for this week is filled with easy wins


·      Still looking for a grad affiliate

·      Join us!

·      If you’re interested in being the next brew regent, talk to Sam


·      Did you know that the SY dining hall used to be 3 stories?

·      If you like cold case murders, stay tuned because there is juicy tea on its way—and its piping hot


·      Having their elections, we will have 2 reps filled up for SY

·      If you have concerns, reach out to Grace and Carter

·      POI: Are the FCC elections the same time frame?

o   Yes

·      POI: Would it be wise to have a SY debate?

o   Elections are uncontested

Old Business

·      Nothing to report

Treasurer’s report

·      $16,000 for this semester to spend

·      5 votes to represent each year

·      If you have budget proposals, send them to

·      Make them as specific as possible

New Business

·      In light of last weeks Yale Votes presentation, David proposes a temporary committee to ensure all of SY is registered to vote

·      Motion to adjourn