September 11th, 2017


·      Professor Near is unable to attend

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails

·      Schedules are due this week


·      Amigos was good

·      Roger POI: are we going to do something about the increased attendance?

o   We don’t foresee that problem arising again because people will have more work in the middle of the semester

Community Service

·      Dwight Hall Day of Service will be in front of Dwight Hall this Saturday morning 7-9


·      Did you know you that the budget allocated to the frocos cannot exceed the SAC?


·      Send Leah pictures and she will post them

·      If you have any ideas about Saybrook gear, please contact Leah

·      Tamar POI: are there applications for the media committee?

o   Yes talk to Leah


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel

·      Jasmine POI: what do you do if you have mice?

o   Buy traps, use peppermint oil, or call facilities


·      Talk to David if you would like to take over or join college seminar committee

·      An email will be sent out later in the semester

Dining hall

·      Yale dining is offering farm tours, check your email

·      Captain Crunch is back in the cereal rotation

·      No cape shark this week

·      Sandwich bar may have been a Yale dining change

·      Casey POI: you can get sandwiches from where they serve burgers

·      Ana POI: farm tours are so dope so you should sign up quickly


·      None


·      Be sustainable

·      If you need recycling bins for suites, take them from the garbage room in the basement

·      Stay tuned for potential rainwater collection around Saybrook


·      Three forfeit wins today

·      Men’s football tomorrow, Tuesday

·      Daniel POI: If there’s a forfeit, do you get to log attendance points?

o   Only if you actually go to the game

·      If you go to a game, you can have 50 cents at the Squiche or $1 at the college office

·      If you win a game, you can have $1 at the Squiche or $2 at the college office


·      Not present


·      Back when Basil Duke was the head of Saybrook, he had something called the Duce punch at all freshmen receptions

·      Natalie Schoen is going to be taking over the committee


·      Final Paper or Exam returns is Brett’s project

·      Jack POI: what is that?

o   There’s not much grading transparency so I’m going to be working to correct that

·      Kellen POI: isn’t there a vacancy for Saybrook reps?

o   Yes


·      We have $16,000 in the rolling fund

·      Email David or Kellen with any budget proposals

New Business

·      Amendment to the Saybrook constitution so that the vice president is in charge of supplying food for SCC meetings

·      Kellen motions to table this since we don’t have enough membership points to make an amendment

·      Saybrook college tea will be happening next Wednesday – online news editor of Science

·      A fellow, Andrea, is interested in starting a mentor program for women in Saybrook

·      Leah POI: she was part of the first class of women

·      Casey POI: Andrea and I talked about it over the summer and you should all be receiving an email this week about interest

·      Tyler POI: is anyone in charge of SayQueer?

o   There are opportunities to take over