September 17th, 2018

Head of College

·      You can get money from SY scholarships if your budget proposals aren’t approved


·      Ready to get their money

Community Service

·      First-years sign up for First-Year Day of Service

·      Look at YHHAP website for opportunities

·      Read your Dwight Hall newsletter!


·      Did you know: the fro-co budget cannot exceed the SAC budget


·      Follow our Instagram @saybrookcollege

·      Our bio is the one that says SY College Council Account

·      Kimberly Cruz follows us!

·      If you have pictures DM them to the committee

o   They love DMs


·      Don’t break stuff, if you do call facilities, its easier


·      No news

·      Stay gay!


·      Nothing to report

College Seminar

·      Look out for emails about interviews soon

Dining Halls

·      We got sliced bread

·      Farm tours are happening so look out for that email


·      Be sustainable!


·      Today we lost table tennis vs TD

·      Come to cross-country tomorrow! Big points!

·      POI: Are TD the Tyng Cup champions?

o   No they’re not!

·      There are free champion shirts in dining hall

·      Soccer grudge match vs Hopper Wednesday at 5:15 p.m.

·      Table tennis again on Wednesday

·      POI: Hopper sent out a slanderous email vs Saybrook

o   Published a shitty video, but we will make them eat it!

·      Won soccer today vs Stiles

·      POI: Francine but her body on the line and just transferred in this year!


·      Still looking for a grad affiliate


·      2 new reps for SY!

·      Sofia Caro and Megan Sardis


·      Common room was renovated in 2001 under the generosity under….

·      Due to overwhelming interest, will use all of dining hall for our cold case murder mystery

Old business

·      Nothing to report

Treasurers Report

·      $16,000 in the rolling fund ready to be spent

New Business

·      SAC Proposal

o   $13,680 proposal

o   Amigos prices went up-$2,100 for 2 more amigos events

o   Harvard tailgate-$2,000 we have a bar rented out, may need more money

o   Oktoberfest-$500

o   Halloween festivities (liquor treating)-$300

o   Study breaks-$1,000 (sushi, papa johns-may cut b/c problematic, bar pizza)

o   Screw (last year Semi-formal cost $6,000)-$6,000, don’t want to limit options, will try to go back to Jack’s, no gauge yet

§  Mark 12th and 13th of October for Screw

·      SayQueer

o   SayQueer is the only residential college specific LGBTQ+ space, have had brunches in past, closed door meetings with food, bowling

o   $800 proposal

o   Received $500 last year

o   $400 for outings (brunches, bowling)

o   $100-$150 for apparel

o   $100 miscellaneous fund

·      12 Pack

o   $3,500 proposal

o   It costs $200 per party

o   Breakdown of 12-pack events plans:

§  SY Screw Pregame

§  Party before fall break

§  Random pre-games for Woads or weekends

§  Oktoberfest celebration the night after SACs

§  Liquor treating

§  Hallowoads

§  Mistletoads pregame

§  Winter holiday party (decorations)

§  Karaoke nights (requires machine)

§  SY Duty nights

§  Improve 12-pack: new fans, shelves for bar, new table, decoration party

·      POI: Could you possibly partner with SAC?

§  12-Pack has $100 budgeted for karaoke

·      SY HOC will buy a karaoke machine

·      Election Committee

o   $300 to use for spirit, going to the polls, watching the results, please vote!

§  What is it being used for?

·      Food to get people to vote

o   Held event two years ago during elections

o   Prof. Near says vote $1, because SY HOC will pay for it

o   David withdraws his application

·      Hubert Pach, E-12 Conglomerate

o   The defining feature of SY is community, so want to foster firsy-year it cohesion via food

o   Food, music, think-tank etc. open door space to foster SY pride before the first-years move into the college

o   $150 proposal and will accept less

§  POI: Can we squeeze fro-co budget to handle that?

§  No, very strict Fro-co budget

o   Prof. Near encourages this budget proposal

·      Total proposed budget is over by $2,130

·      POI: How much did we spend last fall?

o   SAC $12,300

o   SayQueer $300

o   12-pack $3100

·      Last Spring

o   SAC $12,000

o   SayQueer $500

o   12-pack  $2,000

o   Jack Barry finessed $1,500 for Olympics Committee

·      By-laws state if voted budget is over $16,000, we re-vote

·      SAC  proposed $13,500:

o   $13,000

o   $14,000

o   $12,150

o   $12,000

o   $12,750

·      SayQueer proposed $800

o   $800

o   $600

o   $500

o   $700

o   $300

·      12 pack

o   $3,500

o   $2,500

o   $3,000

o   $2,600

o   $2,750

o   $2,650

·      E-12 Conglomerate

o   $100

o   $150

·      Motion to pass

o   Seconded- budget approved

·      Motion to adjourn

o   Seconded