September 21st, 2015


September 21, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      This Wednesday, seniors are being hosted for a toast.

·      First tea scheduled for September 29th. An important writer about issues in the Middle East, and a native of Chicago.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Saybrook Screw is happening in two Saturdays.

o   Starting this coming Sunday night, tickets will be sold outside of the dining hall.

o   If anyone, especially among the freshmen, wishes to be involved with SAC, just let Magda and Ihna know!

·      Working on tailgates and Oktoberfest.

·      If you work for SAC, can choose what food is served during study breaks.

·      If you’re over 21, you get a free drink!

·      Information about the SY-wide game of Assassins is coming out this week.

Community Service

·      The bazaar last week was successful!

·      Start brainstorming for a college-wide community service project.

·      Last fall, Danielle and Layla cooked a bunch of food for the McDonald house.

Bylaws Committee

·      DID YOU KNOW, that there are five standing or permanent committees of Saybrook College Council: SAC, the facilities committee, the media committee, SHSC (Saybrook Historical Society Committee), and the Bylaws Committee.

Saybrook Media Committee

·      Nothing to report


·      Saybrook gates are making weird sounds!

·      If there are any issues you want to bring up, send Daniel an e-mail at d.fischer AT yale DOT edu.

College Seminar Committee

·      David Jiang is the new head of the college seminar committee! Contact him if you want to be part of the college seminar committee this semester.

·      Professor Near wants a lot of cheer to go on during the draft, which usually occurs around Fall Break.

Dining Hall Committee

·      Layla suggested creating Dining Hall Worker of the Week posters as a thank you to our dining hall workers for their hard work.

·      We’re working on getting a pasta bar!

·      We’ve gotten two more cereal options! Captain Crunch with Berries! (But supposedly they’re now gone? Fight Saybrook, fight!)


·      Ihna sent out a first e-mail about sustainability – read it!

·      Sarah and Ihna are working on some energy related projects for Saybrook, like a Weight Your Food Waste night.

·      Freshmen, if you’re interested in joining the committee, let Ihna know.


·      Great day for IMs today! Killed it in IM volleyball.

·      For men’s football, though, we had to forfeit L Important to get bodies out there – attendance is key.

·      The IM calendar can be found on the Saybrook college website. Student Life à intramurals.

·      A list of frequent IM players is out in the common room – upperclassmen; step it up! 2019 is in the lead.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      Group dedicated to the proud history and traditions of Saybrook.

·      Meet once every other week in the Fellows’ Lounge. Lunch, nice tea (SHSC even has its own tea pot!)

·      SHSC fact: Ralph Fiennes, who most famously played Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies, has a brother, Joseph Fiennes, who is also an actor, known for Shakespeare in Love – these two brothers are descendants of Lord Say and Sele.

Yale College Council

·      Off to a great start.

·      The first YCC-sponsored event is this Saturday: opening home game against Cornell. Kegs and eggs tailgate starting 10 a.m.

·      This Saturday night is also the Night at the Planetarium. This year, it’s first come first served. Be on the lookup for the FB event and the signups.

·      Avery will be here at the end of the meeting to chat about Yale Health horror stories.

Treasurer’s Report

·      $660 left to spend in the rolling fund.

New Business

The Mascot Question

·      Should we open it up again? Is the Saybrook mascot just traditionally the Seal? What to do?

·      Leon’s hypothesis: somewhere in tandem with the rise of printed tee shirts it became popular to use lions instead of seals on Saybrook tee shirts. Officially and unofficially, it has been the seal.

·      We can have an alternative mascot?

Bringing the Saybrook flag to home football games?

Saybrook clothing? If anyone knows anyone interested in designing some apparel for Saybrook, just e-mail Aadi.