September 23, 2013


September 23, 2013

Master and Associate Master’s Report

  • The recent Vermnt trip was a great success. The Master is away chairing a conference in Boston. And on Inauguration Weekend, we’ll need some students to serve as tour guides for the college.


Dean’s Report

  • Sophomore advising night is on October 8th and will be held in the Underbrook from 9-10 and 10-10:30.


Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

  • At 9:30 will be a nutella study break on Thursday with Saybrook’s grad affiliates.
  • Viva’s Night will be on the 4th of October.
  • Screw will be on the 18th of October.
  • Our tailgates will be held in November, at the Columbia and Harvard games.

Community Service

  • Left-over apples were successfully donated to Downtown Hunger Heroes’ soup kitchen. Contact Sam Maroste if you’d like to get involved in the soup kitchen.


  • The lightbulbs in the Saybrary might need changing. They’ll be changed within the next few days.
  • The computer cluster printer (which does not fall under the facilities committee’s purview) will be repaired soon. In fact, within the next month whole new printing stations will be rolled out throughout Yale. Daniel Fraser, our resident cluster technician, can answer questions about this.

Clothing Committee:

  • Aaditya Tolappa is the new chair of the committee. Ideas for rugby shirts in the air. Also possibly a new round of boxers. Design ideas are welcome.


  • Our Hudak points are in the mail!
  • Standings have not yet been updated online. But we believe we got 2nd in golf last week, and we did not bad in XC today.
  • We are short on players for tennis and volleyball! Contact Tammer Abiyu or Yombe Fonkeu or Sage Price if you play or know someone who does!
  • Shirts are here.

Sustainability Committee

  • The committee recently met. Meetings are 9-9:35 in the fellows’ lounge on Mondays. Topics included sustainability issues around Vandy.

Dining Committee

  • Give the dining committee your input before they meet with the dining hall managers! Email Patrick Casey, Xinxin Xu, or Sarah Holder.
  • There was a vote by acclamation to move bowls closer to the cereal.

Media Committee

  • Nothing to report.

College Seminar Committee

  • A meeting of the committee was recently held. Email Adrian Lo to get involved.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

  •  Last Friday there was a meeting in the dining hall. Much tea was sipped and the topic of discussion was the Saybrook Arras.
  • Remember the drive in the dean’s office! Send your files to Cissy to help archive SY’s history.
  • There are plans to interview SY figures, such as Dean McKinley and Mary Miller.
  • New mascot idea, from the associate master and Tammer Abiyu and John Bodeau: the Saybertooth tigers? The president appointed Tammer the chair of the ad-hoc mascot committee.


  • Fun fact: Mary Miller is the only master of Saybrook given a shout-out in the SCC constitution.


  • Nothing to report.


  • A college calendar has been released.
  • Our representatives are working on a number of YCC projects, including dining hall improvements and athletic event attendance. Check out the YCC website.

Brewing Club

  • The hops and barley and yeast and all else are now here! Use the doodle received in your email to help decide on a first meeting time. Contact Peter Humanik to be added to the email list.


Old Business

Katharine McComick’s budget proposal for cooking lessons remained tabled at our last meeting.


New Business

We dismissed Katherine McComick’s budget proposal.

There is a new budget proposal from Sarah Holder, to buy a second hammock for the courtyards. It is, however, that the funding for such might be provided by the master. We voted on whether we would be interested in obtaining this, not as a budget item, before we might know more fully about our funding possibilities. Our informal vote showed that we very much had interest in this new hammock.