September 24th, 2018

September 24th, 2018

Head of Colleges

·      Seniors have Mellon Forum starting tomorrow at Biggs House @ 5:30 p.m.

·      SY at the Rep starts this Saturday, be sure to turn in your dinner choice

·      Prof. Near has a glorious class day hat from last year

o   Great win vs Silliman in soccer and vs Dport in table tennis

Dean’s Report

·      Nothing to report


·      Lookout for email, keep Saturday October 13th 10 p.m. – 1 a.m. free for SY Screw

o   Food and free drink tickets (21+) at 116 crown

Community Service

·      Potential clothing donation space in SY - TBD

·      YHHAP donation box is located in Phelps Gate on OC


·      Constitution was officially updated as of 10:30 a.m. today, but there is still a  minor error that David needs to put to a vote

·      Accidentally confused Article VIII with Article XIII

·      POI: Can SayBrew be listed as a registered organization in the constitution?

·      Motion to vote on Saybrew and article number change

o   Both pass


·      Enjoy our latest Insta post

·      If you have content, DM or send it to Jazzy or Tamar


·      Don’t break stuff!


·      If you want to join email

·      First brunch soon, let Mariel know for location suggestions

·      Let SayQueer know of new ideas for activities


·      Will be having a brunch in SY dining hall, look out for that event

College Seminar

·      List of interviews being compiled

o   Will start 1st week of October

Dining Hall

·      Sign up for Yale dining farm tour online

·      POI: Is there a problem with washing machine?

o   Make sure to swipe food of your plate completely

·      POI: Cauliflower is quite big, the spoons aren’t sharp enough to cut through it, can we request for them to cut it up?

·      POI: Serving size for green beans is 1 lbs according to nutrition card

·      POI: Are the wraps coming back?

o   Coming back once every 2 weeks

·      POI: Can you convey to the dining hall management that the salad dressing is difficult to use because you can’t shake the oil based ones since the bottles have a hole in the top

o   First world problem


·      Be sustainable!

·      Turn the water off while you brush your teeth

·      Close windows if heat is on (you can turn it on)

·      POI: Is the carbon tax still happening?

o   Clarification: No college is actually going to have to pay for it, Dean Chun has vowed that Deans Office will cover deficit since colleges have different efficiency standards.


·      Won soccer and table tennis today

·      Football tomorrow at 4 p.m.

·      Golf on Wednesday at 4 p.m. (chance of rain)

·      Add yourself to IM group chat on Facebook

·      Thursday flag football vs. Murray at 5:15 p.m.

·      POI: SY has won 7 Tyng championships. There was a 4 year span when we won them continuously

·      POI: When did cross country get rescheduled for?

o   Points of an entire season of IMs:  October 2nd at 5 pm at IM fields


·      SayBrew is in the constitution!

·      Have a grad affiliate named Justin Hawkins

·      If you’re interested, contact Sam Rimm-Kaufman

·      POI: Kombucha?

o   Nina Bernick and Sam make and consume most of the kombucha, feel free to join them!

·      Nina renovated the SY kitchen and it’s GORGEOUS!


·      A huge 150 year old Elm tree once towered over stone courtyard, but in 1977 it died dramatically from Dutch Elm Disease

·      Killingworth Court retained its Elm until hurricane Gloria brought it down in 1985

·      Stay tuned for cold case murder mystery


·      Had a wonderful study break with nachos

Old Business

·      Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report

·      $0.00 in rolling fund

·      Leftover money can be redistributed, notify Roger

New Business

·      Used to play a song prior to meetings, John wants to bring this back

·      POI: What happened to the Koomson report

Koomson Report

·      Nadrina had scrambled eggs and salad

New Business (continued)

·      POI: SY section at Harvard Yale?

o   POI: 2,500 tickets available for students, they will be enforcing seating

·      Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day! Go register!

·      People are getting sick

o   Please drink Vitamin C and get your flu shot starting October 1st

o   Wash your hands!

·      Motion to adjourn