September 28th, 2015


September 28, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Looking for a polka band for Oktoberfest and German themed food in the dining hall.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Screw Saturday – tickets are going quickly.

·      BAR pizza study break tomorrow – bring little sibs.

·      The Saybrook-wide game of Assassins is beginning. Sign up with Kellen.

Community Service

·      Dwight Hall fellow wants us to do multiple events a semester.

·      Tracking by college how many people are showing up to different events.

·      Show up!

Bylaws Committee

·      DID YOU KNOW that the froco budget cannot exceed the council’s budget on any given semester?


·      Nothing to report, but gate is fixed!

·      Let Daniel know if you have any problems.

·      Work on gym etiquette – put weights away, wipe things down.

·      Facilities website has an online form, where you can inform them about any problems. They are quite responsive!

College Seminar Committee

·      Going through proposals for different seminars.

Dining Hall Committee

·      Weekly spotlight for dining hall staff.


·      Ihna is not here, but Aadi is sure she would have told you to go green.


·      Today, we had a group of 8 show up for IM soccer. Only 2 girls showed up. So we started with a forfeit. But we beat Morse in our scrimmage.

·      Class of 2018 is doing poorly in IM participation – come out to the fields sophomores!

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      Leon did some research, and found out that Cecil Fines in 1854 was playing cricket and was giving a top hat for “dismissing three batsmen with successive balls.”

o   That’s where the term “hat trick” comes from.

·      SHSC event either this Friday or next Friday. Tea will be served.

Yale College Council

·      Ratified YCC budget. Because of the increase in student activities fee, YCC has a lot more money for this year.

New Business

·      Lucy Fleming proposes a senior citizens event for this Friday, October 2.

o   Upperclassmen-underclassmen bonding.

o   Crackers will be consumed.

o   $50 for makeup from Walgreens.

o   $30 for miscellaneous geriatric snacks.

o   $10 for party hats for the festive oldies.

o   No alcohol – the elderly cannot handle it. Also, it is illegal.

o   Money allocated.