September 29th, 2014


September 29th, 2014

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Mellon Forums are starting soon and there is a Master’s Tea this Thursday!

Dean’s Report

·      Nothing to report *tear*

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Tailgate went great! GO YALE BEAT ARMY (lol we did)

·      There will be an insomnia study break this week

·      Screw is Saturday, October 18th at Elevate

·      30 people have been killed in Assassins


·      Ihna is having  a meeting with Mary Beth later this week.


·      Stay strong for intramurals!  Show up for cross country and track, and come out to beat JE at soccer and tennis on Thursday. We’re at 3rd place but we can do better!

Community Service

·      Potential Ronald McDonald meal preparation would be Nov. 8th. Talk to Layla and Danielle to sign up!

Sustainability Committee

·      Sustainability Committee is rolling out some new trash room initiatives with a mini info session at the study break.  We will also be organizing a plastic bag exchange.  Talk to Ihna if you’d like to see the Saybrook Energy Report

·      Sustainability Celebration Week is Oct. 6-10th

·      Sustainability Star of the Week: the Saybrook 12 Pack recycled hundreds of red solo cups this weekend!

Dining Committee

·      There will be a committee-wide dining hall manager meeting soon!

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      SYSC will not be meeting this Friday.

·      Did you know: in the 2006 SCC Budget Meeting, someone made a proposal for $4,499 to go towards an infinity crown spa system.  It was very hotly debated, but rejected because the deck of Saybrook was not structurally sound.


·      Did you know that money from the SCC budget cannot be allocated as direct donations to charities?


·      YCC has launched the It’s On Us, Yale campaign.  Get your groups involved in the photo campaign and take the pledge!

·      Voter registration drive this week.

Brewing Club

·      Aadi is buying supplies.

College Seminar Committee

·      They have narrowed down to 10 seminars, and interviews will be happening during October.

New Business

            Talk to Aadi to buy the awesome Saybrook Strip shirts for $5 !