September 3, 2018

September 3, 2018


·      Events: Senior Toast in Biggs House 9/4

·      Wonderful Class of 2022! Welcome Dean Lafargue

·      SY welcomes student ideas

o   SY is renting a space in Boston to accommodate the party for THE GAME

Dean’s Report

·      Nothing to report

·      POI: When are the schedules due?

o   Either September 10, 11 or 12 based on your class


·      Had a great time at Amigos

·      Weekend of October 12 is SY Screw

·      Oct 27 is Oktoberfest

·      Bad news about Amigos: $300-$400 uptick in price of Amigos so keep that in mind with budgeting. We also want to make sure only SY people are there

Community Service

·      Service activities bazaar is Tuesday! Check it out!

·      Let Mary know if you have a particular charity in New Haven you’re interested in!

·      POI: There will be a rally on Friday in support of a person in asylum in the church across from Hopper College


·      It takes 3 membership points to vote on the budget

·      POI: When is budget meeting?

·      POI: Why did it change?

o   People were not back on campus last week, so thought it was unfair to hold a meeting

o   If there is a funding crunch- come to Micah or Prof. Near


·      Need access to the FB group

·      SY Instagram coming soon!


·      “Don’t break things” –Daniel Fischer

·      If you break things, call facilities!

·      POI: Call facilities, don’t waste time with online form because the call turnaround is much faster

·      POI: Prof. Near says its okay to sleep elsewhere in SY where it is air conditioned because the heat is dangerous

·      POI: SY sleepover in the Underbrook?


·      Join SayQueer!

·      If you’d like to get involved, contact Tyler Miles

·      Jessica can add you to the Facebook group


·      Nothing to report

College Seminar Committee

·      Interviews are TBD, will definitely go out somewhere good to eat

Dining Hall

·      Schwartzman center is not open yet

·      Davenport and Trumbull have late/early hours

·      Download Yale dining app

·      You can sleep in the dining hall if need be

·      He moved the cups (with a petition)

·      POI: Guava Passion fruit is down, machine also doesn’t work

Koomson Report

·      Nadrina had pasta


·      Please keep your windows open and fans going

·      Met with landscape director, planning sustainable gardens around SY with better water usage, keep your eyes open for a new garden.

·      POI: Thoughts of clover grass mix in courtyard?

o   Very lush, full, better on water usage, more natural



·      We’re going to win it again, IMs start up on Thursday with co-ed flag football

·      Will send out an email for each sport and a weekly schedule email

·      Prof. Near will also send out emails


·      Sam is a co-brew king of SayBrew

·      Will serve at fellows nights and Oktoberfest

·      Not currently brewing, looking for new grad affiliate

·      If anyone has beer they want to brew, let Sam know

·      POI: New grad affiliates (Harry) want to brew


·      If you’re interested in SY history, join Nat in SYHSC!

·      Fun Fact: courtyards are named for Killingworth court and Saybrook court for the places in CT

·      Friday afternoon teas and SY murder stories to come


·      If you want to run for YCC, come to the info session 9/3 at 9:30pm LC 102

Old Business

·      Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Fund

·      $16,000 in rolling fund

·      Come to meetings to decide how it will be spent

New Business

·      New Haven Votes is making a big publicity push

o   Get volunteers in community to register others, reach out to Trent to help

o   POI: Are we registering people in CT or in own home state?

§  Can do both, but ultimately CT registration is easier

·      University Student Title IX board is looking for 2 new SY members, talk to Brett

·      Motion to adjourn