September 30, 2013


September 30, 2013

Master and Associate Master’s Report

  • The presidential inauguration is the weekend after next, and we’ll need students to volunteer as tour guides for the open house for alumni, 2-4pm on that Sunday. Please contact Stuart Teal if interested in guiding tours!
  • Brunch and dinner will be delayed a bit during that inauguration weekend, but it will be a celebratory feast. Diner will be from 6-8pm. Dress up!
  • On Old Campus that Saturday night will a a grand bash or party of some sort. More news about Inauguration Weekend coming up soon!


Dean’s Report

  • A reminder: don’t let people without IDs into the college! This was a problem during parents’ weekend.


Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

  • Viva’s on Friday! It starts at 10pm and ends when the money runs out. (Viva’s is on Park between Chapel and Crown)
  • Saybrook Screw is October 18th.

Community Service

  • YHHAP Fast is on October 18th. They’ll need people to table outside the dining halls to get people to sign up, starting on the 7th. Contact Maddy Popelka.


  • Sustainability and facilities committees have discussed joint initiatives.

Clothing Committee:

  • The committee has met, and there are mock-ups for SY boxers and undergarments. Sports bras might read either “Sayboobs” or “Saybra” depending on the powers-that-be, boxers will read “Underbrook.” A survey may be sent soon to all of Saybrook.


  • The head IM people have only partially updated the standings! Only half of the games have been tallied, about. So our 4th place standing may not be accurate.
  • Soccer today: Calhoun did not show up! XC: women’s xc made it to the final round, did not win, though. Men’s xc came in 4th.
  • Our Hudak points have not yet arrived in the mail. L

Sustainability Committee

  • Work on getting more access to recycling bins in Vandy.

Dining Committee

  • Meeting will be at Thursday lunch with the dining hall manager. Email Patrick casey or Sarah Holder or Xinxin Xu with any suggested improvements to the SY dining hall.

Media Committee

  • A Tumblr will be made! Less like the old gossippy Strippe and more just about SY in general.

College Seminar Committee

  • No report.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

  •  No meeting last Friday. But there will be one at 2pm this Friday! The location to be announced. Probably in the fellows’ lounge. Eric is excited about his new teas. We’ll begin brainstorming interview questions for Dean McKinley and former master Mary Miller.


  • Fun fact: our online constitution is poorly formatted.


  • Nothing to report until spring.


  • The budget last week was passed, and now undergrad organizations can get their funding.
  • A report on family weekend coming out.
  • Campus calendar is up and running.
  • Fill out the Spring Fling survey!

Brew Club

  • Met last Friday! A lot of water heated. The first batch is now in fermentation. Our keggerator has just arrived! There will be a meeting this Friday at 7 to discuss what beer to make next.

Ad Hoc Committee on mascots

  • Will meet this week sometime. Contact Nikki Teran if interested.


Old Business

Sarah Holder’s budget proposal for a new hammock remains to be discussed. It turns out that the Master’s office will buy one for us!


New Business

The Squiche was not open because of a food shortage, due to lack of dining hall supplies. The logistical problem will be fixed according to the Master.

It was decided not to put a bounty on the head of the “Poopetrator.” It is hard to get receipts for such things.