September 4th, 2017


·      Increasing SCC budget by $2,000

·      $16,000 total now

·      Annual Senior toast is tomorrow, 9/5

·      Putting together a Saybrook Tea Council and selecting 2 per grade to help with college teas

·      Sunday family night is no longer sustainable to have every week

o   250% increase to cost over past two years

·      First Sunday of every month is now for family night

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails


·      Great ice cream social

·      Amigos this Wednesday, sign up

Community Service

·      Do community service

·      First-Year day of service next weekend

·      Sign up in Dwight Hall

·      New Haven Fair for class of 2021 from 1-3 on Sept. 16

o   A lot of new haven organizations will be on campus to meet first-years


·      Did you know you need two attendance points to vote on the budget?


·      Send Leah pictures and she will post them


·      Welcome back to Saybrook

·      If there are problems with anything, report these issues on the facilities website

·      Rebecca POI: Lamp in Saybrary is still broken from last year

o   We’re looking at the Saybrary’s lighting now

·      Roger POI: What do I do if I haven’t heard in over a week?

o   Call the emergency line if anything


·      Talk to David if you would like to take over college seminar committee

Dining hall

·      Any first-year students should download the dining hall app

·      Someone was disgruntled there was no more Captain Crunch

·      Might be an off week for captain crunch

·      Sandwich station with meats and bread was taken out, will look into it

·      Kellen POI: What’s the deal with cape shark

o   Haven’t seen it yet so that’s a good sign

·      Leah POI: Everyone should get to know the dining hall staff

·      John POI: Gloria opened up a restaurant at 445 Whalley Avenue


·      None


·      Please use the electronic disposal bin for electronics only, located in basement in game room

·      Near POI: Next year we’re going to be taxed for our energy

·      Nadrina POI: We used to have recycling bins in our rooms why don’t we anymore?

o   There are bins in the garbage room that you can take

·      Daniel POI: How do we get LEDs for our rooms?

o   There will be some Saybrook efforts to replace bulbs


·      Email was sent out with the sign-up link

·      This fall we have many sports available

·      More emails will be sent out with the master schedule and the link to record games attended

·      Come out to as many games as you can

·      First games are September 11th

·      Kellen POI: Saybrook takes pride in its IM rewards

·      Lane POI: If you go to enough games you can get cool swag


·      Don’t have to be 21 to join it

·      Get to make beers for Saybrook and all of us over 21 will enjoy it


·      We may organize a trip to Old Saybrook, CT

·      We had a guy come in over the summer and restore the crests around Saybrook

·      Hoping to release some info soon about all of those designs

·      If you’re interested, contact Daniel about joining


·      Have not had first meeting yet

·      Brett and Gabe are the Saybrook reps to the Yale College Council


·      We have $16,000 in the rolling fund

·      Email budget proposals to David

·      Micah is awesome and finds money everywhere

·      Look out for an email from David soon

New Business

·      None