September 7th, 2015


September 7, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      We will be starting a wine club that will be headed by Professor Steven Stearns.

o   You’ll get to taste some of the best wines in the world.

·      Master Near is also organizing a senior toast that will happen potentially in the last week of September.

·      Master Near promises that brew club will happen.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Already talking about Saybrook Screw. Join SAC and help plan the event.

Community Service

·      Service bazaar on the 16th from 7 to 9 in Dwight Hall. Lots of service groups on this campus.

·      There will be Insomnia Cookies!

Bylaws Committee

·      Saybrook has its own Constitution with 10 articles and a whole lot of words. Leon knows every one of these words,

·      Each time you show up to a meeting you get 1 point. Each time you don’t show up, you get -1 point, but never going below 0.

·      If you are here this week and next week, you’re bumped up to three points because next week is the budget meeting.


·      Tomorrow at 9 p.m. come for an IM study break.

·      Saybrook freshmen will be rushing from Vandy courtyard.

·      Watch out – new incentives are being implemented for those that participate in IMs. VIP sections in the dining hall, gold and silver members, Union League dinners, and custom-made jerseys may not have all been promised, but such incentives have been discussed.

·      We are waiting on the IM schedule. We have been told that games will start next Monday, so don’t take any classes on Monday post 3:30 p.m.!

·      Usually send on Sunday nights that week’s schedule. Secretaries will try to send schedules in advance this semester, if that information is available.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      A group devoted to talking about Saybrook and Saybrook’s awesome history.

·      They meet every other Friday in the Fellow’s longue for lunch and tea (SHSC has its own teapot).

·      The first meeting is this Friday, time TBD, sent out in an e-mail shortly. We will be talking about a certain castle that has ties to Saybrook.

College Seminar Committee

·      E-mail Jordan and David if you’re interested in helping run the college seminar committee this year. We’ve done our time and it is now time to pass the torch.

·      Join the college seminar committee if you want to meet cool professionals that will be teaching residential college-sponsored seminars. You will attend interviews, where there will be snacks, and get the chance to choose Saybrook’s pick for college seminars at a Saybrook-sponsored brunch at the end of the semester.


·      Sustainability projects in Saybrook – get involved! Events include Meatless Monday, light bulb exchanges, attempts to get Saybrook to reduce energy usage.


·      Saybrook will have a newsletter! Reach out to the media committee to take part in this amazing publication, The Saybrook Strip.

·      Meet Aaron Berman! He runs the Saybrook College Council twitter account and live tweets every meeting.

Araba, unfortunately, was not present for her dinner report.

Dining Hall Committee

·      No updates this week, but the committee has done a lot of things like request different foods in the dining hall or help reorganize the seating in the dining hall. Contact Mallet to get involved!

Yale College Council

·      Avery Thompson and Chris Bowman are the Saybrook reps.

·      The first YCC meeting was yesterday, but talk to Avery if you want to get involved in the coming weeks.

Saybrook Baking Club

·      Every other week, the food for SCC meetings will be made by the Saybrook Baking Club, which will be run by Danielle Melgar. Reach out to her if you want to get involved.

New Business

·      Master Near promises that we will beat our previous budget with a stick! Good things for Saybrook await.

·      We will be expanding the gym space in the basement. The old dark room has been split up into the new gym space. The other part of the dark room will be a storage space. Check it out near Entryway N.

·      The music studio is up and running.

·      Freshmen and sophomores especially should consider getting involved with the Facilities committee, since Saybrook has receive funds to implement some really cool changes. Talk to Aadi or Master Near with any questions.

·      Next week is the budget meeting, so we will be going over budget proposals. If you are proposing anything write to Leon at, with your name, how much money, and a short description of how you hope to use the funds.

o   (Any money left over will be put into the rolling fund, which can be used throughout the semester).

·      Saybrook Brew Club has been inactive in past years, but we hope to reactivate it this year. If anyone is interested in taking charge and putting new life into the club, reach out to Aadi about it.