September 9, 2013


September 9, 2013

Master and Associate Master’s Report

  • Master’s Tea on Thursday with Naomi Wallace, winner of a Windham-Campbell Prize.
  • Saturday is Saybrook’s annual apple-picking trip! Remember to sign-up.
  • Be mindful of Master Hudak’s email re: laundry room


Dean’s Report

  • Nothing to report, except to remember the deadlines for turning in your class schedule.

Patrick Casey and Daniel have volunteered to be kitchen managers. Access to the kitchen will require a very brief training with them, along with a dedication to cleaning up the kitchen.


Committee Reports

as this is the budget meeting, only a few committees made reports


SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

  • Ice cream study break will be on Thursday.
  • Helpers needed to help carry food for study breaks!

Community Service

  • There is a blood drive this week at Slifka, noon-5pm, Tues-Thurs.


  • We are 5-1 as of today! Men’s soccer won today against JE.


  • If anyone actually wants to join the committee, please await Daniel Fraser’s college-wide email.
  • Fun fact: the order in which budget proposals are read is the treasurer’s sole discretion.


  • Kevin Kory and Allison Kolberg are running for Saybrook’s two YCC representative positions.

Old Business


New Business

This was the budget meeting!

Our total budget for this semester is $8,500.

Sophia Hua proposed $200 for baking club: ingredients, materials. $200 was awarded.

A proposal of $50 for cigarette bins. (We think this could pry be covered by facilities.) This was tabled for next week’s meeting.

Aaditya Tolappa representing the 12-pack proposed $1008.02 to spend for 12-pack events. $900 was awarded.

Katherine McComick proposed $300 for cooking classes in the Master’s House, to be taught by her. The motion was tabled.

Nikki Teran proposed $400 for two BigSib/LittleSib study breaks. $400 was awarded.

The IM secretaries proposed $200 for the reimplementation of Hudak points: to buy wooden nickels as a the actual physical points. $200 were awarded.

Peter Humanik proposed $330 for SayBrewery. $165 was awarded.

For SCC’s operating expenses (catered food every other week) was proposed $225. $250 was awarded.

SAC proposed $6,000 for their events. $6000 was awarded.

The remainder of the funds (around $400 or so) was allocated to the rolling fund.